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Last updated on 9 February 2024

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Terms and Conditions

Please note that the terms and conditions (T&Cs) for the use of the UAEFIU website apply to all users and visitors. If a user violates the T&Cs, their access to the website may be stopped, denied, or terminated. We may take similar action if there are valid concerns that a user or users have violated the T&Cs.

Violations or attempted violations of the procedures and regulations relating to website protection are not permitted by any user. Procedures, protocols and regulations include but are not limited to:

  1. Accessing data that is not intended for the specific user.
  2. Logging into a server or account not authorised for access by that particular user.
  3. Conducting or attempting to conduct any sort of test or survey for the purposes of detecting any vulnerabilities in a system or network used by the UAEFIU, or for violating and/or documenting the integrity of the applicable procedures, without official UAEFIU authorisation.
  4. Interfering or attempting to interfere with or disrupt the service provided by the website to any user, host, or network. Attempts may include but are not limited to: uploading a virus or viruses on the website; deliberately and maliciously overloading or overwhelming the website with intent to cause disruption to any user, host or network; sending promotional messages or ads, spam/excessive amounts of emails, or deliberately crashing the website.
  5. Unsolicited emails sent to the website including advertisements of services or products, forging any TCP/IP or any part of the address details in any email, or sending newsletters.
  6. Use the UAEFIU’s website, by any means, to communicate information via email or otherwise relating to the website, on its behalf, or by referring to it, or assuming its identity to defame the UAEFIU, its website or any person, or announce any false news or information and attribute them to the UAEFIU.
  7. Violators of the rules of usage, system or network are subject to both civil and criminal liability and shall be investigated, with the person or persons involved prosecuted legally.