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Last updated on 10 October 2021

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STR process

If a Reporting Entity (RE) suspects a financial crime, such as money laundering or financing of terrorism, UAE law requires the entity to file a Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) to the UAE FIU.

How to file an STR

  1. RE identifies suspicious transactions or activities among its customers, counterparties or other stakeholders.

  2. RE raises an STR through the goAML system, which includes all relevant information about the suspected crime, including:
    • Background.

    • Parties involved.

    • Reasons for the report.

    • Possible red flags related to money laundering or financing of terrorism.

  1. The FIU reviews and analyses the STR. They may contact REs for more information and clarification.

  2. When required, the FIU shares intelligence with relevant local stakeholders for their information and action.

  3. The FIU also connects with counterpart FIUs internationally to source further intelligence.